Martial Arts For Health

True natural martial arts movement may be different than most people think or even know about. For hundreds of years martial arts were used not only as a means of self-defense but also to rejuvenate the body with forms and movements.

Martial arts for health is about the various health benefits you may encounter from doing one of the many fighting arts or taking up activities normally associated with the arts. Training in the martial arts and fighting sports does give you potential benefits – physical as well as mental.

Some aspects of martial arts for health are easier to verify than others. Anything that happens on a physical level is easier to test and document. On the other hand, psychological and mental phenomenon is much harder to evaluate and back up with “hard science and facts”.

Does this mean that we should say it isn’t “real” or “true” simply because we cannot test and document the mental and psychological benefits of the fighting arts like we can with physiology and anatomy, blood-levels, heart-rate, lung capacity, mobility, strength and so on. I for one think we should be aware that these “non-physical” benefits are real for those who experience them! But at the same time, let us not forget that they also are more subjective by nature.

Practicing martial arts will do you good. Martial arts for health are about the whole person, not “just” the physical body! You can have a try and you will see the good result after a period of practice.