Martial Arts Success – 10 Top Tips!

10 top martial arts tips for your success! There are plenty of great martial arts available that offer you a way of challenging yourself, through which mastery can be achieved. You can learn discipline, focus, breath control, balance, awareness, power and inner strength.

Martial arts study has a long tradition, and the techniques of Japanese arts go back to the Samurai. In Japan the practise is often combined with budo and zen to achieve balance and harmony.

Since the dawn of time human beings have striven to push back the limits of their strength and wisdom. The Combat arts and aikido self defence offer you a method for Personal Challenge and self-discovery.

There are lots of different types of budo as seen by the numerous martial arts available today. They all teach the abandonment of ego, attachments and personal desires, and skills are transmitted from master to student.

Zen adds a level of wisdom to the physical and mental strength that is developed. As a warrior on the path, it is your duty to follow the laws of nature and serve humanity. The place for mastery of self is in the awareness of every moment.

In Budo there is no time for conscious thought… intention and action must be immediate with peace and tranquility of movement. It begins and ends with etiquette, courtesy and gratitude, otherwise your practise can become dangerous to others and rather brutal.

The following list gives some essential requirements for achieving martial arts excellence, real practical self defense and the ability to really protect yourself, your loved ones and the community.

1 – A reasonable level of health, fitness and stamina.

2 – Developing a positive mental attitude.

3 – An Awareness of your surrounding environment.

4 – Study a complete fighting system… don’t jump around.

5 – Practise – train hard to fight easy.

6 – Have a definite plan of action – a time frame.

7 – Keep it simple, flexible and adaptable.

8 – Be prepared to deliver a preemptive strike.

9 – Retreat is a natural and good response to an attack.

10 – Morality, ethics and the law require that you use minimum force.

Here’s to your training success!

Tony Wilden

Aikido Health Centre

Tony Wilden has been studying health and spirituality for over 30 years and Aikido since 1985. He founded the Arun Aikido Club in West Sussex UK in 1992, and has given dozens of demo’s and 1000′s of health treatments.