The Benefits of Art For Health

Picking up the paintbrush and heading towards the canvas, or whatever form of fun art projects you chose, is often more than just an exercise in aesthetics, but instead also imparts health benefits for a growing number of people. The link between health and art may seem vague at first, but when you look at the human individual holistically, one of the first things that the discriminating eye will notice is that health consists of more than just the proper functioning of various physiological and biological components. Instead, there are various other aspects to health that create a holistically healthy person.

Mind over matter
If you have ever executed a particularly excellent color passage in your artworks, or if you have ever rendered a figure in a satisfying way, and if in general you have been enjoying the arts, one of the impressions you get from artistic endeavors is not only skills, but a sense of fulfillment that reaches a psychological level. Studies today are suggesting, however, that the same psychological fulfillment that is found in art activities has actual physiological effects as well. Parts of the brain secrete hormone during art activities which foster better health. These hormones are considered happy hormones by many scientists, and include endorphins which are released during stimulating events.

Happy hormones
The physiological effects of happy hormones include increased blood circulation, better sense perception, as well as an increase in the performance of the immune system. While further research and development studies are needed to fully establish the connection between art and health, one thing that scientists and doctors are concluding is that health is more than just a combination of vitamins and supplements, a good diet, and physical workouts and exercise. It also includes recreation. In fact, companies and large corporations are beginning to see correlations between personnel performance and employees who are holistically healthy.

Healthy lifestyles
Health and fun art projects also naturally go together because a healthy lifestyle is often necessary for many delicate artistic maneuvers. In painting and sculpture, for instance, one of the recommendations is to avoid smoking which can lead to shaky hands which are bad for painting in details especially in smaller canvasses. Many artists also find that a healthy lifestyle which includes exercise, plenty of sleep, and a good diet are some of the most artistically stimulating conditions for creating works of arts, contrary to popular and often exaggerated notions of the starved and homeless artist.

Artistic options
Progressive doctors on the cutting edge of these new developments are now including forms of artistic recreation in the medical prescription to ensure that patients with health problems are better able to cope with their various diseases. One of the primary reasons why art is so useful in the healing process is that, aside from the hormonal discharges that result from satisfying art activities, it is also one of the least physically straining activities that an invalid can enjoy. Aside from this, fun art projects come in various form allowing greater options for the patient to choose from. For instance, painting is just one of the many artistic endeavors that a person can indulge in, and already there are many sub-categories and options within the field of painting alone. You can try out oil painting, water color painting, gouache painting, and even mixed media.